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Michelle Nailon
B. Arts, B.Theol., M. Theol., GradDipTheol.
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As more archaeology and doctrinal evidence shows, there was a "massive" influence of Hellenism on first Century Palestine. Such influence went back about 300 years. So by the time of the Gospel writers there had been an long intermingling of the Judaic and Greek cultures. Judaism for instance did not have its own architectural heritage so such places as the Jerusalem temple and synagogues were based from Hellenistic (Greek-inspired) models. The Jews wore similar clothes, were organised c/f the Sanhedrin on similar lines. They used similar money, had a similar education, celebrated festivals at similar times and according to funerary evidence, many of them spoke Greek. Certainly Jews living outside Palestine spoke Greek. However this did not mean the Jews forfeited their own spiritual heritage of the Old Testament. In fact in distinguishing their identity they used Greek social models and Greek techniques of rationalism. The monks at Qumran for instance had many similarities with Hellenism that were not found in mainstream Judaism. But they used the flexibility of these Hellenistic models to assert themselves as being more "Jewish" than anyone else.

Given such a historical and cultural background there is a weight of evidence to support a claim that when the gospel writers came to record the life and meaning of Jesus they would use a Hellenistic approach in the overall organisation of their material. There was a likelihood they set set out their material in terms of simple, abstract, universal themes and definitive meanings that would move logically from one point to the next.

It is believed the first gospel, that of Mark, was written around 70 C.E. when Jerusalem was being destroyed by the Roman army. It was therefore more imperative than ever to clarify the merits and limitations of both social systems. Judaism was based on the moral law and Hellenism was based on rationalistic order.

Why hasn't biblical scholarship picked up on a Hellenistic, underlying structure for the gospels? One reason may be that the biblical scholarship of the present day is very reliant for interpretation on historical criticism. This method goes into the meaning of single words and the historicity of particular situations. But the approach tends to overlook the extent to which this environment had already been shaped by Hellenism. Thus instead of acknowledging the complexity of a "Hellenistic Palestine" (c/f Martin Hengels research), there is an assumption that Judaism and Hellenism were quite separate.

According to some biblical scholars, the "Hellenistic" approach that has been taken by the Reality Search analysis "is based upon conjecture". But the details of the text fit far too neatly into this analysis for it to be dismissed so easily.

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