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the writer social value system

December 2017
Two new sites have been added under the banner of RealitySearch. These are and They present a series of workshops on "building a society". The difference is that www.valuesclarification links back to the source documents while stays with the dynamic of workshops that could be used e.g. in industry. A book with the workshops in A4 size will be available via the internet in 2018.

January 2016
The site of and its sub-domains have now been rolled over into the one package with access to awstats. Apologies to those attempting to access in December and January as they were being diverted to, one of the sub-domains.

A "realitysearch" addition in recent months has been the site which includes academic New Testament studies with discussion on "semiotic analysis" as a method of Gospel interpretation.

Also "realitysearch" Markan material here has now been put into In the coming year it is hoped to develop some subsections to this site into e.g. "Gospel Studies on Mark for the disinterested classromm." There will be a reliance here on the "realitysearch animated workshops" (cf.

May 2015
At present only the statistics shown by Webaliser are available for this web site so it is hard to know how many people are actually visiting it. However for related web sites such as "" and and the statistics analyser called awstats show that there have been about 300 unique visitors (people) and about 2,000 "people" hits on the material for the present month.
Now that the books on this present site are a few years old it is considered possible to put various chapters (rather than single pages) up on the site for reading. Actually the full text of Five Pivotal Texts as also Translation Analysed are already up on the site of Here they are side by side. But it remains a mystery why some people appear to copy this material page by page when they can get all the material at once in PDF form from the present site.
There is really only the one page on the site of where limited sections of the animated version of the Reality Search analysis can be found. It is likely more of the workshops will be shown there. At present the site has been getting about 100 visitors per month.

September 2014
In 1993 the Catholic Pontifical Commission published a document on Biblical Interpretation. The Commission was headed by Cardinal Ratzinger. This document described the historical critical method of exegesis as "diachronic." It described narrative interpretation as "synchronic." It also described "semiotic analysis" as a structural and synchronic form of interpretation. But not much focus (if any) appears to be put on "semiotic analysis" in current Scriptural studies. This is where the "Reality Search" analysis is at considerable disadvantage. Reality Search fits fair and squarely into semiotic analysis.

April 2014
It's a while since the last update. Research has continued into the social background of the gospels. By the time the gospels were written most Christians were from a Gentile background. At present a study is being made into the dominant methods of biblical interpretation, namely the Historical Critical method and narrative criticism. Were and are these methods likely to uncover a background structure behind the gospels that sets out a value system based on both Judaic and Hellenistic world views. (No!)

July 2013
Comparisons have been made between the literary structure of Mark and the poems of the Greek writer Homer. It appears (as shown in the analysis) that like Homer, Mark used extended "concentric cirles". Given that he wrote his gospel in 70 C.E. when Jerusalem was being destroyed he would be anxious to use literary models from the most esteemed and oldest Greek writer. In doing this he would demonstrate that Christianity was incorporating the best of Hellenism.

August 2012
Explorations have been made comparing the method of analysis that has been used in Reality Search with the approach of narrative criticism which is a relatively recent approach taken to the gospel.
Narrative criticism assumes there is an "implied writer" who is addressing an "implied reader". As with literary criticism used for novels and plays etc, the text is considered as a whole and an examination is made of the range of techniques the writer has used to involve and impress the reader. In many ways this approach contrasts with "historical criticism" which has been long established in the Protestant traditions and which was adopted by the Catholic Church after Vatican II. While "historical criticism" tends to look at fragments of text in terms of their relevance to past and present times, narrative criticism allows the world of the text to speak for itself.

March 2012
In previous updates it was remarked that though there were quite a lot of "hits" on the Reality Search websites these did not appear to translate to downloads.

After looking up info on the subject of "hits" it was found the vast majority of these are made by robots and search spiders. That being the case it is expected to reduce the amount of attention being given to Reality Search websites. For instance it is likely the "arealitycheck" site will be closed. However it is also likely a site will be opened with all the material on e.g. on Mark, being put on the one page.

November 2011
Complimentary downloads have been deleted. A new "Reality Search" website has been opened at
This is to be distinguished from the dot com site of the same name. It has the uploaded analysis pages of the gospel of Mark (so far).

September 2011
Animated Workshops on the Gospel of John are now available for downloading from Also there are now complimentary downloads of the introductions to the books advertised on Downloads.

May-June 2011
Animated workshops on Acts of the Apostles are near completion and will be available for downloads in the same way as the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke. The animated workshops are based on the texts of "Five Pivotal Texts" and "Translation Analysed" (Versions Four and Five of the "Reality Search Analysis"). However the workshops only move one page at a time giving either individual or group readers time to make sure they grasp each stage of the text as it unfolds. The emphasis is on analysis headings so some pages can be moved through fairly quickly.

April 2011
Animated workshops on the gospels of Matthew and Luke are now available via . A few sample pages showing the "reality search' analysis in these workshops are also available there.
Still not sure why hits do not translate into downloads. Perhaps this is because the approach being taken is 'different'. Debit/credit card numbers are confidential to the automated processing of the international, online bank of PayPal. When a purchase goes through, PayPal directs E-Junkie (where the material is stored) to send a downloading link to a buyer's email address.

January 2011
Google and other search engines continue to give "Reality" web pages good rankings. Interest continues to be shown in the material by internet users. Greater interest has been shown in where gospel 'readings of the day' are available. However a downside is that people have not been taking the next step to actually purchase the material. It is expected to develop a new domain name which has a focus on visitors actually buying some downloads.
Animated workshops on the gospel of Matthew will soon be available there.

September 2010
Over the past few months the analysis of the first text has been developed further with animation software. This further development shows that not only do the paragraph pair "hooks" parallel each other, but so also do the contents and structure in each paragraph pair. As yet examples of this animation analysis is not available via the internet.

October 2010
"Animation Workshops on the Gospel of Mark" posted up onto E-Junkie for downloading.
Exploration started of "Sociology of Religion" networks in US Universities. June 2010
Given that most hits to have been to its sub-section called /sources, the material on Reality Search in /sources is being moved back to the main site. The general-language pages on the main site (as with this web page) are being moved to a new site called There will still be links between the sites.

May 2010
The web site was immediately picked up by Google with more hits than itself.

April 2010
Another web site called This ties pages of the texts analysed by Reality Search into the daily Prayer of the Church (ie the gospels).

February - March 2011
E-books of the material being set up.

January 2010:
Over the holiday month no advertisements have been sent out but hits on the web site have continued, especially from the United States.

December 2009:
The Web site was picked up by Google and generally its pages have been given good rankings.

November 2009:
A file on simplified web coding, which also includes a survey on business attitudes to value systems, was added to the site.

October 2009:
Web site divided into "Reality Search - generalised language" which provides a focus on two differing but complementary value systems,
and "Reality Search - with sources" which provides the texts from which these two differing value systems are derived.

All the major "value" lists in "A Line of Logic", are repeated in the PowerPoints and have relevance to community building.
A group of people could attempt to draw up their own list of what they think e.g.
Authority is Based Upon or
What is Needed for a Sense of Direction or
What the Individual Needs to Cope With. etc.

The group could then compare their list with the one in the PowerPoints.

August 2009:
Web site lauanched.
Start of advertising to Australia's top 200 companies.


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