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"Reality Search" The Gospel of Mark

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sociology of Mark's gospel

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sociology of the gospel

The RealitySearch analysis is quite long and because it consists of Scripture it is quite heavy going. The analysis, as shown in www.realityworkshops.org is about 250 pages long. The gospels are now being compared with other types of literature and as such have parallels to poetry. Few people could sit down and work through a poetry book 250 pages long in the one or even a few sittings.

The result probably is, with the Reality Search analysis, that people only look at this a few pages at a time. They flick into Mark, then one or more of the other gospels and that's "enough for one day." A result of this is they never really get to appreciate all the books. For this reason the web site of www.gospelsociology.org was divided up. It presents the material written on one particular book, for example Mark. It was intended that in about two months all this material would be wiped clean and material on another book, for example Matthew would be put up etc. But the plan was changed to allow people to continue to access Mark on this present site of http://www.gospelof mark.org. The approach taken has been to encourage people to explore the whole of a book, as analysed, without getting lost in all of the books.
If there is need to compare or contrast with another book, the whole analysis is up on www.realityworkshops.org. and a particular passage can be found there.

As originally planned, the Realitysearch material on Matthew has now been put onto the site of www.gospelsociology.org.

As well as the Realitysearch material, there is some "learning material" on both sites. The material presents current biblical scholarship, for example the historical background of the first century CE which shows there was a stronger influence of Greek culture (Hellenism) in 1st century Palestine than traditionally thought.

Also it should be noted there are range of methods for interpreting the gospels. The main methods are Historical Critical Exegesis and more recently Narrative Criticism.

The method used in the Realitysearch analysis however can be described as "Semiotic Analysis." It fits the discription given by the Catholic Pontifical Biblical Commission (1994). But use of this method is not widespread.

Note: Some introductory material on the realitysearch books can be found on www.realitysearch.com.au

Reality Search

A Line of Logic

Outline of text 1

Value Frameworks

Section on Mark

Two World Views

Section on Mark

Five Pivotal Texts

Section on Mark

Translation Analysed

Section on Mark


Section on Mark

Animated Texts

Section on Mark

Material to help in understanding

Towards a Sociological Interpretation of the Gospels

Questions and Answers

The booklet above is the first section of a much fuller exploration of positions in the material below,

This referenced material, below (over 300 pages), explores positions that are either at the base of the Reality Search Gospel analysis or which are raised by the analysis.

Is There a Critique of Greek Philosophy in the Gospels?

Also, given that the Reality Search Analysis uses Semiotic Analysis as a method of interpretation an explanation of this method is provided here.

according to the Catholic Pontifical Biblical Commission 1994
Reality Search (semiotic) analysis of the gospel of Mark.