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workplace values in the gospel

Michelle Nailon
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A Prelude to Ideas in the Reality Search Kit

The major part of "Workstyle" traces the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle through the development of Western philosophy. Particular attention is paid to the philosophers who put forward a basis for social structures.

"Workstyle" shows how Western philosophers have based their thinking on either Plato or Aristotle. They have tended towards totalitarianism (c/f Plato) or democracy (c/f Aristotle). Those with the totalitarian approach have come from a background of rapid change and social disruption and they want to impose order. Marx for instance was influenced by the insecurities of the industrial revolution. Hobbes was born at the sound of canon fire. Like Plato these and similar philosophers aimed to impose order via a blueprint which was carried through by an individualised elite which in turn was inspired by a "philosopher ruler" .

On the other hand philosophers like Locke based their plans for a social structure on Aristotle who recognised that a stable community, based on family, was able to draw up their own constitutions and determine their own future.

The second part of "Workstyle" considers how the two positions of totalitarianism and democracy continue to exist within the church structures and social institutions of the present day e.g. the education system and especially business.

"Workstyle" observes that western institutions, based on Greek philosophy are inherently incomplete. There is a division between spirit and matter. A notable inadequacy in their approach is their treatment of the feminine. Plato tends to ignore the feminine, e.g. in his "Republic" he negates the family and procreation takes place through selective breeding and communal nurseries. Aristotle on the other hand sees the family as basic but he also sees the "feminine" as inferior. In his biology he declares that "only the male carries the live seed". An outcome of this thinking is that women are viewed as passive "possessions".

The third part of "Workstyle" picks up on a view that challenges patriarchal philosophy. This is to be found in the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament. Here Wisdom is considered to be the feminine dimension of the Godhead and "it" or "she" is an active participant in the process of creation.

"Workstyle" finishes with an open question about whether or not the two approaches of Greek philosophy and Hebrew "wisdom" can co'exist.
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