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corporate citizenship in the gospels

Michelle Nailon
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values clarification and social value system
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Version Two: - (of the "Reality Search" analysis)

Value Frameworks

Analysis by Michelle Nailon

"Value Frameworks" replicates the book "A Line of Logic". However it openly shows that the "ancient texts" described by "A Line of Logic" are in fact the four gospel texts and the book "Acts of the Apostles".

It therefore goes into more detail about what "paragraph hooks" are being used by the gospel writers to link their texts together, not only within the one gospel but to the other gospels and "Acts" as well.

"Value Frameworks" also shows how particular points are emphasised by a writer by beng placed in the centre of a concentric circle or at the end of a list. Thus Mark puts the theme of "forgiveness in the centre of his first concentric circle. Then Matthew puts it at the end of his list of important attributes.

Mark and then Matthew develop the definition of authority. So Luke lists authority as the first attribute required for a society based upon Order.

"Value Frameworks" shows how the one writer takes his method of paragraph structuring from another. To demonstrate. Mark structures his concentric circle of paragraphs by using the place names of where Jesus went as his paragraph hooks. Because Matthew is dealing solely with a law-based society he uses statements of time instead. But then Luke reverts to using place names as his paragraph hooks. However Luke is trying to stress Mark's point about the importance of an Order-based society having a sense of direction. If he uses a concentric it may appear this society is going around in circles. So he sets out a list of places and reinforces the sense of direction by repeating the same list of places in the same sequence. Also he finishes off each section with a "going to Jerusalem" statement.

The book of Acts, also written by Luke, develops theological ideas such as the "word" which can be given and received. These ideas lead into the Gospel of John which has a focus on both living authority and the living word. John, the most complex of the gospels, also has to deal with the undercurrent caused by people who cannot decide whether they are Christian or whether they are Jews.

Finally "Value Frameworks" discusses which "type" of person can straddle the two complementary, but often considered to be conflicting approaches to be found in the gospels.

Reality Search - Value Frameworks

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"Value Frameworks"

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values clarification and social value system