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"Reality Search" Kit

Michelle Nailon
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A5 size, 115 pgs

A Line of Logic

A5 size, 139 pgs

2. Value Frameworks

A5 size, 237 pgs

3. Two World Views

A4 size, 63 pgs

4. Five Pivotal Texts

A4 size, 296 pgs

5. Translation Analysed

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8 workshops

Gospel of Mark
Animated workshops

Gospel of Matthew
Animated workshops

Animated Workshops Downloads re Mark, Matthew, Luke, Acts, John

Reality Search -
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Version Three: - (of the "Reality Search" analysis)

Two World Views

Parts 1 & 2

Michelle Nailon

As with the book "A Line of Logic" the headings of the "Reality Search" analysis of the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, can be set out in a purely "secular" line of logic. The book "Two World Views" brings these headings together.

Everyone is looking for a safe and fulfilling type of society in which they can function. But history and the lives of individuals are riddled with mistakes that have been and are being made. The reality search analysis shows how the gospel texts are really on the same sort of quest as everyone else. Perhaps there is a difference in that they seek to anticipate pitfalls before these are made.

Is this sort of quest religious or not?

Religion is something like the cart and the horse or the chicken and the egg. Which comes first? Does religion lead one to the depths of reality. Or is something religious because it plumbs the depths of what is real? "Two World Views" takes both approaches as it deals with a society based upon time and a society based upon place.

The first part of "Two World Views" deals with the headings of the analysis which can sit independently of any "religious" investigation.

The second part of "Two World Views", as with "Value Frameworks" provides the text references in which the same headings can be found in the gospels and the book of Acts.

Both of these frameworks are now to be found on the web site of Thus one can look at the analysis headings which fit with any kind of "secular" quest. And/or a visitor to the site can follow the links and explore how these same headings are to be found in the gospel texts.

Workshops that go the other way, from the text to the headings, can be downloaded from the site

Reality Search - Two World Views

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