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"Reality Search" Kit

Michelle Nailon
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A Line of Logic

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2. Value Frameworks

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Five Pivotal Texts

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5. Translation Analysed

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Gospel of Matthew
Animated workshops

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Reality Search -
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greek gospel translation

Version Five (of the Reality Search Analysis)

Translation Analysed

Analysis by Michelle Nailon

Starting off the reality search analysis was done quickly. It began with a premiss and then a couple of questions. The Greek philosophers, namely Plato and Aristotle lived five hundred years before the gospel writers. Were the writers familiar with them? Did they build a critique of Greek philosophy into the Gospel structures? What were the structures? At the start of Mark, the first gospel, there is an obvious delineation with regard to places. By drawing up a list of the places it appeared he had sketched out a concentric circle.

It might be said if Mark wanted to structure his gospels why didn't he provide headings? He did. But he embedded them into the text so they could not be easily omitted. It might also be said that he could have made the paragraph "hooks", that is the parallel places more obvious. After all the parallels above have not been picked up by tradition.

Mark and his community were living under duress. It is generally considered they were living in Rome at a time of persecution. They were not going to advertise that the gospel being written was the introduction to a critique of Greek, and also Rome's, basic philosophy.

In doing the Reality Search analysis it was quickly realised that paragraph "hooks" could easily be missed in the Revised Standard Version fluent translation. So the literal translation was used instead and typed out onto A4 sheets. Thus the analysed text of the literal translation was the original Reality Search presentation. Permission was obtained from the British Treasury to put it on the internet. But this presentation was then criticised for being too hard to read. What to do.

There were problems with using translations already available, both in terms of picking up the paragraph "hooks" and of course copyright. So the task was undertaken to do a paraphrase of the analysed literal translation instead.

One surprising outcome from doing such a mammoth task was to find how easily the paraphrased text fitted into the analysis. At the end of the task the comment was made it was like a "breeze".

By far the greatest amount of work done on the Reality Search analysis has been in terms of formatting.

Reality Search - Translation Analysed

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